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It is recommended to uninstall all previous winLAME versions from your PC! Files from previous installations may interfere with the current installation, so make sure you install into an empty folder.

Note that winLAME released for Windows operating systems starting with Windows 2000. Operating systems prior to this version cannot be supported and may or may not work.

Please note that personal and/or commercial use of compiled versions of LAME, the mp3 encoder library contained in winLAME, may require a patent license in some countries.

For more downloads, older versions, or if the above links are not working, please visit winLAME's file releases at SourceForge.

Source code

Latest source code is also available via CVS (browse CVS tree). For more development information, look at the winLAME Sourceforge project homepage.

A source code ChangeLog file is available here.